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CAD Services Available...see it before its built

We can create a virtual 3D animation of your media room. This allows real time change of room colors, furniture styles/orientation, etc.

Click picture below for low resolution 7.5MB video. (Original file is 80MB and will be higher quality and smoother movement)


Below are basic drawings and 3D renderings

Examples are low rez (500 x 400) below / actual prints will be apprx. 3300 x 1600 resolution

You may "click" applicable pictures for a slightly higher quality image. Some pictures have zoom functions by hovering your cursor or clicking the picture.


(Actual finished room below)

Not visible in picture is fiber optic starfield on ceiling. This room was designed where everything could be removed with ease whenever home owner decides to move. There is also a "CineBar" on the way into the room.

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                                                            Another 3D example below using virtual mode