We prefer appointments, but you are welcome to drop in...You might call first, in case we are at an in-home consultation.

We are a service oriented company; therefore we are on appointments as much as we are in the store. When you set an appointment, we can tailor the set-up to your specific needs. Large stores cannot/will not do this. Their speakers are lined up like toy soldiers ( the worst possible environment to audition speakers) and they have only one agenda...sell you a cookie cutter system and sell it quick so they can sell the same old tired system to the next person in line.

If they can't tailor the system to your specific needs in their own store and environment, do you really expect them to do it in your own home?

At the Home Technology Group we will move the appropriate speakers into the audition room, warm up/break-in the equipment and properly calibrate the system just for you. If you do pop in without an appointment, you are more than welcome to sit in on any ongoing demonstration. We are flexible on appointments, including Saturdays.

We understand not everyone may be an Audiophile and/or Videophile, but everyone deserves quality audio & video. Throwing money at a system doesn't guarantee it will look and sound its best. Only a passionate company like ours can create a system which works together in synergy to compliment your lifestyle and budget with uncompromising results.